Tools You Can Use: School Nutrition Series

In 2008 I wrote a series of nutrition guides for KC Healthy Kids that  were produced through a grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. Click the links to be directed to where you can view the complete documents.


Exploring New Flavors: How to Shape Kids’ Food Preferences at Home and at School

This guide explains how teachers, school staff and parents can acquaint students with new foods well before they line up for lunch. A feature article highlights Kiersten Firquain’s implementation of the first Farm2Cafeteria program in Kansas City. Other sections share resources and how-tos for helping students develop new food preferences.


Healthy Alternatives for School Celebrations, Rewards, Fundraisers and Snacks

This guide helps parents, school staff, and students “think healthy” when planning celebrations, rewards, fundraisers and snacks. You’ll find low-cost options, good-better-best choices, tips for easy preparation, recipes, and cross-cultural concepts.


Marketing Healthy Choices in the School Cafeteria
This publication explores unique approaches to increasing revenue in the cafeteria without compromising the health of students and staff. If you’re a parent, look this guide over, then offer to help your school food service department market their healthy foods!


Nutrition Placemat
This colorful placemat was created to encourage kids ages 2-5 eat their colors and get moving.  You can make the placemat at home — just print the document (in low resolution or high resolution), place the pages back to back, and put contact paper on the front and back. Finish by cutting and smoothing the corners.  Help your child match the colors on his or her plate to to colors on the place mat!

Special thanks to Liz Nord for designing the guides, and to Brian Grubb for designing and illustrating the place mat!


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