Tools You Can Use: Recess Before Lunch Handout

During school lunch time, do kids rush through lunch so they can be first in line for recess? Are they fidgety, rambunctious, noisy in the cafeteria? (If you don’t know, it’s probably time to make a lunch date with your kid.)

Many schools across the country have successfully implemented “Recess Before Lunch.” While it make take some finagling of the schedule, the benefits are worth the work of rescheduling: Kids eat more veggies, drink more milk, waste less food, are more quiet and better behaved, to name just a few.

This info sheet from Action for Healthy Kids is a great tool for promoting Recess Before Lunch in your school.

recess before lunch flier

For more information, download Montana Team Nutrition’s Recess Before Lunch Guidebook.

Tell us about your school — “play time before lunchtime” or vice versa?


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