Promoting School Meals with Weekly Fliers

This is the first of the weekly fliers we are sending home with students:

Quick Facts About Breakfast at Our School

  1. Breakfast is FREE for every student. Adults pay just $2.50 (less than a latte!).
  2. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:45 – 8:15. On assembly days, breakfast is served in the classroom.
  3. Research confirms that breakfast eaters…
    • have higher test scores, work faster, make fewer errors and are more creative
    • are less likely to be sent to the principal or visit the school nurse
    • are more cooperative and get along with classmates
    • are healthier and have improved attendance
    • are more able to concentrate on learning (Action for Healthy Kids)

Make a date to have breakfast at Our School with your family, other parents and friends!

If you have questions about school meals, please contact our cafeteria manager!

Other Quick Fact topics may be…
The Business of School Meals (reimbursements, costs, etc.)
Applying for free/reduced price meals
What is a Whole Food?
Eating For Color
Favorite Children’s Books About Food
Tips for Helping Your Child Enjoy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Food Additives to Avoid

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