News Flash: Kids Like Broccoli!

A mom at our school sent me this note earlier this month:

Hey there~

I thought you would enjoy this story.  The other day when H. and I were talking about the different parts of his day, we discussed lunch.  He was a little upset.  Why?  He had eaten all of his steamed broccoli and none of the other kids wanted to share theirs!  Everyone was gobbling the broccoli.  He said, “Ms. K. makes really good broccoli!  Perfectly crunchy.”

I felt so lucky to have Ms. K. in our lives.  What a testament to preparing veggies properly.  I think there are many of us who lost years of veggie consumption after being turned off by overcooked mushy green stuff camouflaged with “cheese” sauce!  Also goes to show kids will eat vegetables without bribery or having to hide them in other foods.


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