Sparkling Blueberry Soda

I brought the ingredients for this healthy soda to a recent SHNAK meeting. The student LOVED it! They said it was the best soda they’ve ever had. They said they would want their moms to make it for their birthday parties. Then one said “It’s good because you can’t taste the blueberries!”  Oh well, two-outta-three, right?!?

This blueberry soda doesn’t just taste great, it helps kids learn to enjoy the real flavors of fruit. It’s also easy enough for very young children to make. You can vary the amounts depending on the size of your cup or pitcher. In smaller cups, the blueberries can replace ice, in bigger cups or pitchers, add ice before adding the other ingredients.

Frozen blueberries
Cranberry juice made with 100% juice
Sparkling water

1. Put blueberries in bottom of cup or pitcher.
2. Fill cup or pitcher half full with cranberry juice
3. Top off with sparkling water.

You can find more healthy tips in this guide I created for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City and KC Healthy Kids: “Healthy Alternatives to School Celebrations, Rewards, Fundraisers and Snacks.”


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