Child Nutrition Act an improvement but to make real change, we need to offer real food.

“The new nutrition standards would be written by the Agriculture Department, which would decide which kinds of foods may be sold and what ingredients can be used on school lunch lines and in vending machines. The new standards would likely keep popular foods like hamburgers and pizza in school cafeterias but make them healthier, using leaner meat or whole wheat crust, for example. Vending machines could be stocked with less candy and fewer high-calorie drinks.”

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A few questions:

Why are school menus determined by the Agriculture Department? Is that a conflict of interest?

Where is the nutrition education (and taste education) that will help kids prefer healthy whole foods over the fast-food menu items offered on most school menus?

Let’s make whole grains, fruits and vegetables — in their whole state, not in a whole-grain corn dog coating — accessible and appealing so kids prefer them over junk food.




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